Frequently asked questions

Q. Where are Treat Yourself Shoppe's Products sold?

A. Currently our products are available through TreatYourselfShoppes.com and Authorized Sellers. Customers should beware of buying counterfeit versions on Amazon, eBay, or other online sites. If customers purchased products through those sites that do not have our current labels on them, they may have been the victim of a counterfeiter and should send us a photo of what they bought and who the Seller was. If they purchased a counterfeit product, they should demand a refund from the Seller.

Q. What are the ingredients of your products?

A. We only offer plant-based ingredients as the main source of nutrition in our products and they are carefully sourced to be vegan and non-GMO. Please view our products to see the exact listing, dosage, and research behind of each of our ingredients.

Q. Where are your products manufactured?

A. Beginning in September, 2020 all of our products will be created at a state of the art manufacturing facility located in the U.S.A. Our facilities are certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Q. Where do you ship from?

A. Beginning in the Fall of 2020, we will be shipping out of our fulfillment warehouses in Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona.

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Retail Orders

Our best-selling products like B.P. Balancer​™,

BP Reducer​™, Glucose Formula​™, Prostate

Formula​™, Cholesterol Formula​™, Super Formula​™, Eros Formula​™, Pharaoh's Formula​™, Olympians' Formula​™, and other products, are available at retailers & health care professionals throughout the U.S.A. Please contact us for the name of a retailer or health care professional near you who stocks our products. Or inquire at your favorite retailer and have them contact us. Affiliate Program and additional products available at TreatYourselfShoppes.com

Wholesale Orders

Authorized Retailers & medical professionals can easily place wholesale orders in the Wholesale Page on this site.


Potential retailers and medical professionals can contact our corporate headquarters by email or the form on this page and request a Customer Information Form.

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