warning!    counterfeit alert!

Some of your customers may have been victims of fraud. We have been notified by law enforcement that some online retailers, and some retailers in Florida, and elsewhere, were (and some still are) knowingly selling counterfeit products with variations of our old labels that are being used to mislead consumers into thinking they are buying our products.


Please tell your customers that if they purchased any bottles on Amazon, eBay, or any other online site or retail location, we can not verify the ingredients or safety of what is inside those bottles, so they should be careful. Our lab tests have shown that counterfeit tablets may be filled with at least 50% ash and water!


If you are ever approached by the counterfeiter, or if you come across any products using our trademarks, copyrights, product names, or are similar in any way that makes you suspicious, including any variation of the use of the names BP Balance, BP Reducer, Diabetic Balancer, Glucose Formula, Prostate Formula, Cholesterol Formula, and Treat Yourself (including in their domain names), please contact us right away so we can alert law enforcement, and the proper investigative agencies. If you see any bottles that do not have our current labels on them, they are not our products.


If any of your customers purchased a counterfeit product on Amazon please tell them to file an “A-to-Z Guarantee” claim immediately and notify their credit card company. 

Here are some helpful numbers for your customers:

Florida Division of Consumer Services - 1-800-435-7352

Seniors vs Crime - 1-800-203-3099

Florida Attorney General's Office - 1-866-966-7226

Federal Trade Commission - 1-800-876-7060

Florida Division of Consumer Services - 1-800-435-7352

Food & Drug Administration - 888-463-6332

They may want to contact their state's Attorney General and their closest FBI office and tell them they have been the victim of internet fraud. Also, they should file a complaint on StopFakes.gov

​If you, or any of your customers, purchased any products with the below labels, please contact us immediately.

Remember, we did NOT do anything wrong. So when you file your complaints please make sure you focus on the name of the business that sold you the counterfeit products. 

We are here for you if and when you need us.

*The above statement has been approved by our attorneys.

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