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The above represent our new packaging as of October, 2020. They are also in capsules now rather than tablets. Though the dosage of the ingredients have improved and increased, customers should continue taking the product(s) as they had previously or discuss with their healthcare practitioner. If you see any products with similar labels, names, trademarks, etc. on any other packaging than the above kindly let us know. 

Formulator & Manufacturer of all-natural folk remedies.

New Formulas Coming Soon!


Our formulas are made with natural herbs and plants as the main ingredients.

Vegan Friendly

There is no downside to being kind to non-human animals. Plant-based nutrition is vegan friendly. And so are our capsules.

Made In The USA

Because you want to be assured of the quality of what you consume, and we want to be proud of the quality of what we produce, and we all want to create jobs for Americans, beginning in September, 2020 all of our products will be made and packaged in the U.S.A.

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We Do Things Right!

Beginning October, 2020 all of the below icons are applicable.

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Retail Orders

Our best-selling products like B.P. Balancer​™,

BP Reducer​™, Glucose Formula​™, Prostate

Formula​™, Cholesterol Formula​™, Super Formula​™, Eros Formula​™, Pharaoh's Formula​™, Olympians' Formula​™, and other products, are available at retailers & health care professionals throughout the U.S.A. Please contact us for the name of a retailer or health care professional near you who stocks our products. Or inquire at your favorite retailer and have them contact us. Affiliate Program and additional products available at TreatYourselfShoppes.com

Wholesale Orders

Authorized Retailers & medical professionals can easily place wholesale orders in the Wholesale Page on this site.


Potential retailers and medical professionals can contact our corporate headquarters by email or the form on this page and request a Customer Information Form.

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